9Tea3: Revolutionizing Tea Culture with a Whole Leafstyle™
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CHICAGO - illiNews -- 9Tea3, the dynamic Black-owned tea company founded by Cyd Lockett and Hassahn Liggins, is making waves in the tea industry. Combining elements of friendship, wellness, and the vibrant beats of hip-hop and R&B, 9Tea3 is more than a brand—it's a movement.

A Tea Company Like No Other

Inspired by hip-hop legends such as The Notorious B.I.G. and A Tribe Called Quest, 9Tea3's blends are crafted with the spirit and innovation of a transformative era. Cyd and Hassahn, who bonded over tea at DePaul University in 1993, have created a unique Whole Leafstyle™—a concept that elevates tea drinking into a cultural celebration.

Customers rave about 9Tea3's distinctive blends:

"Bruh...This tea is amazing!"

"I buy Chai tea all the time. Some are too sweet and others lack enough punch. The 9TEA3 Chai is beautifully balanced."

"The Cool Like Dat may be the best mint tea I have ever tasted in my entire life."

"The S The L The I The M or Slim tea is sooo good, and it cuts my appetite so I can lose weight while sipping something I truly enjoy."

9Tea3 isn't just about extraordinary tea; it's about encouraging a healthier lifestyle—or should we say, a healthier leafstyle. Each blend invites you to embark on a journey of wellness, savoring flavors that nourish both body and soul.

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Sips & Sounds: The Perfect Pairing

Sips & Sounds takes tea drinking to an unparalleled level by pairing different tea blends with the perfect music—from 90s hip-hop and R&B to your personal favorites. This feature creates an atmosphere that's relaxing, energizing, or mood-lifting, turning every sip into an immersive experience. Imagine enjoying a soothing chamomile tea while listening to a smooth R&B track or invigorating your senses with a lively green tea and an upbeat hip-hop rhythm. Music and tea together set the perfect tone for any occasion, making every moment memorable.

Exceptional Blends

9Tea3 offers an extraordinary array of teas, each blend a masterful mix of nature's finest. Imagine the poetic harmony of hibiscus and jasmine, the soulful hum of peppermint and rosemary, and the powerful bassline of cinnamon and ginger. Every cup is a testament to quality, creativity, and cultural connection.

Ethical and Organic

Committed to sustainability, 9Tea3 sources its ingredients organically and ethically, ensuring each cup is rich in natural goodness and free from harmful chemicals. Their dedication to ethical practices extends to community involvement, reflecting their core values.

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Giving Back

Founders Cyd and Hassahn are deeply involved with Be The Miracle, a non-profit supporting young people facing adversity. This commitment to community service aligns with 9Tea3's mission to elevate culture and inspire positive change.

Join the Movement

JTea lovers and cultural enthusiasts are invited to join the 9Tea3 revolution. Visit www.9tea3.com to explore their offerings and place an order. Follow their journey on Facebook, TikTok, I& Instagram @9tea3leafstyle for the latest updates and exclusive content.

About the Founders

Cyd Lockett and Hassahn Liggins, united by their passion for tea and cultural heritage, have created a brand that stands out for its quality, creativity, and commitment to the community.

Contact Information:

For media inquiries, please contact info@9tea3.com. For more information about 9Tea3's offerings and to place an order, visit https://www.9tea3.com/

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