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Helping to Build Ventilators in the Coronavirus Pandemic

ANAHEIM, Calif. - -- On a spring morning in March, Scott Rowden wakes up early and looks through the window. Thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic come into his mind. Scott reflects on how this situation has evolved from a distant virus in Wuhan...

Northern Illinois Author Releases First Science Fiction Novel

POPLAR GROVE, Ill. - -- "Wizard Song," a science fiction novel, is the latest book from Poplar Grove, Illinois author Gary Hill. It was released on March 31st. The premise is summed up with this description, "When an iconic group of stellar musicians...

1440 Launches Coronavirus Resource Page

CHICAGO - -- The 1440 Daily Digest launched a coronavirus resource page this week, responding to consumer demand for accurate, up-to-date information on the COVID-19 outbreak. The new page can be accessed at

Interested In Office Catering?

Encourage your team to unplug and reset with a catered team lunch. A Tork study shows that Americans feel more engaged and productive when they set aside a designated time for lunch every day. So, do you and your team a favor.