Benefits Of Using Silicone Gel Socks
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Even after treatment, fungal nail infections can come back. This is more common in people who have conditions like diabetes that make them more likely to get a fungal nail infection.

CHICAGO - illiNews -- What are silicone socks?
Silicone is used for many different applications, including automotive, aerospace, coatings, construction, cookware, defoaming,
lubricants, dry cleaning, electronics, firestops, mold making, jewelry, medicine and cosmetic surgery, toys, and hobbies.
Silicone is also used in the world of footwear. Socks with silicone provide extra Cushioning, Shock absorption, Anti-Slip, Breathable,  air circulations and serve as barrier to fungus reinfection.
Socks with silicone are a great way to keep your feet dry and warm in winter.
They are made from a special type of silicone that is waterproof and durable.
This makes them perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or just wearing around the house when it's cold outside.
One of the main reasons for foot infection is sweat and moisture, which converts your shoe into the breeding ground of germs and fungus.

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Silicone socks are made with breathable fabric that ensures adequate ventilation.
Regular socks do not provide barrier for fungus, because sweating in shoes will provide good channels for fungus to come back.
These silicone socks are multifunctional, the main purpose was to stop toenail fungus reinfection and prevent new contamination wearing previously infected shoes.
Guardian Silicone Gel Socks from,  are cotton socks with silicone over toes for antifungal nail barrier and extra toe cushion, silicone infused with eucalyptus and tea tree oil, imbedded in two layers of fabric, inner fabric layer is copper infused for antibacterial property, sock have therapeutic arch compression ( and calf compression for business/ bowling and skiing styles). Silicone socks are machine washable and needs to dry on low temperature for extended use.
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