Naperville: Curbside Leaf Collection Begins October 18
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The City's bulk curbside leaf collection program will begin on Monday, Oct. 18. This free program provides every neighborhood three collection opportunities during a six-week period, weather permitting.

To participate, rake leaves into the street next to the curb by 6 a.m. on the first day of each collection cycle. Care should be taken to avoid storm drains. Collection cycles are scheduled to begin on:
  • Monday, Oct. 18
  • Monday, Nov. 1
  • Monday, Nov. 15

Depending on the weather, it will take crews approximately two weeks to complete each citywide collection. Crews will collect leaves in front of each home once during each cycle.

An interactive map will be available at to track progress of the collection cycles. Residents also can sign up for the City's notification system, Naper Notify, at to receive leaf collection information via a phone call, text message, email or smartphone app.

Residents should note the following:
  • Snow, rain or freezing weather may significantly delay or permanently halt curbside leaf collection. If snow is forecast, leaf collection may end or be significantly delayed. Residents should dispose of remaining leaves through the City's weekly yard waste collection program.
  • Leaf volume and weather uncertainties make it impossible for the City to guarantee curbside leaf collection on a specific day.
  • Rake leaves to the street during every collection cycle, even if it is a small amount. This helps prevent the final collection crews from having the largest quantity to pick up when snow is the most probable and timing is crucial.
  • Avoid placing items other than leaves in leaf piles. Branches, twigs, lumber, rocks and other items buried in leaf piles can cause mechanical breakdowns of equipment, delay the collection process and increase costs.
  • Rake leaves away from storm drains to prevent flooding. Leaf collection equipment will leave debris on the street.
  • Street sweeping will begin after curbside leaf collection ends, weather permitting. Residents may choose to sweep up leaf debris and include it in the weekly yard waste collection program.