New Tarkett -- Mycocycle partnership aims to drive construction industry to zero waste
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SOLON, Ohio, June 10, 2024 ~ In a world where construction and demolition waste accounts for one-third of the overall waste, it is crucial for leaders in the built environment to find sustainable solutions. As landfills continue to grow and contribute to carbon emissions, it is imperative that innovative measures are taken to manage construction waste.

Today, Tarkett has announced an exclusive partnership with Mycocycle, a Chicago-based biotech startup that draws inspiration from nature. The company utilizes the root structure of mushrooms to break down construction waste. Through their research and development, Mycocycle has discovered that mycelia, the fungal root structures, can consume and eliminate toxins from construction waste. This process produces a natural byproduct that can be used as a raw material in the built environment, reducing the need for virgin resources.

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Eric Daliere, CEO of Tarkett North America, expressed his excitement about this partnership by stating, "This partnership is rooted in a shared investment in the exponential power of collaboration and innovation." He believes that by working together with Mycocycle, they can create a circular economy that protects natural resources and promotes climate health.

As part of this partnership, Tarkett will invest in ongoing research and development with Mycocycle. They will also utilize their well-established ReStart take-back and recycling program to implement alternative waste handling processes. This will allow old flooring to be returned to a circular ecosystem. The companies will also explore using mycelium on all types of flooring collected through ReStart and incorporating it into new flooring products.

Founder of Mycocycle Joanne Rodriguez shared her enthusiasm for this collaboration by saying, "Because of its legacy and reputation for was clear to me that Tarkett walks the talk." She believes that Tarkett's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with her passion for using nature's tools to remediate waste.

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In 2020 alone, Tarkett successfully diverted 1.5 million pounds of post-use flooring from landfills through their ReStart program. With this partnership and other innovative strategies, the company aims to double that number by 2024.

Roxane Spears, vice president of sustainability for Tarkett North America, believes that this partnership is a step towards a shared future. She stated, "From this moment forward, we'll never aim for anything less than zero waste." She also emphasized the importance of collaboration in solving global sustainability issues and believes that this partnership could revolutionize waste handling in the commercial flooring industry.

To track Tarkett's progress in this partnership, visit This exclusive partnership between Tarkett and Mycocycle provides a new path towards a circular economy by reducing waste, preserving resources, and transforming old flooring into new biobased material. As Spears puts it, "The future is fungi."
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