Sip Social Co. Partners With Omnify To Streamline User Experience Across Growing Operations
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Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services Sip Social Co. Leader in Mobile Bar Services Sip Social Co.
Rapidly expanding canadian-based mobile bar manufacturing and rental company looks to help clients become more efficient and effective via omnify's user friendly tech-based app and platform

CALGARY, Alberta - illiNews -- Sip Social Co. (Sip), the largest mobile bar services and rental company in the U.S., and Canada, today announced their partnership with Omnify, a booking automation and commerce platform, to streamline operations, increase efficiency and aid in overall growth.

Sip has recently expanded to over 30 locations throughout the US and Canada. This growth has signaled the need for a multi-faceted online and booking experience for Sip customers. The company has contracted Omnify to develop a custom booking platform and app that would be used to help achieve a 3x increase in monthly bookings due to the enhanced technology.

Omnify provides a real-time booking engine with a comprehensive dashboard from where businesses can run their operations and access reports. The booking engine provides seamless payment integration and makes it easy for clients to manage their bookings. With Omnify's notion as the basis for the custom booking engine, Sip customers, and licensees, gain access to an all-in-one workspace for notes, calendars, tasks, wikis, and databases. The new tool combines everyday work apps into one and serves as a comprehensive workspace and booking platform.

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"In today's digital era, merely being online is not enough. Businesses need to create enticing online experiences for their customers. We are thrilled to partner with Omnify to achieve further growth and ability to scale with the help of their technology," said Jeff Jacobs, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sip. "Without a good booking platform, there is always a drop-off in the 8-10% range for online versus phone/email bookings – a gap our customers are unable to bridge. We look forward to working with Kabandi, and her talented team, to implement additional technology-based services for our operations."

Sip Social's mobile bar tech stack allows the "trucks'' to drive up to almost any type of event. The service bar is completely customizable, from the drink menu to the signage and the carts are available for single- or multi-day events - even multi-city/location events. This has resulted in significant growth for the company since inception.

"We are excited to partner with Sip Social - North America's largest mobile bar service provider, and Omnify is committed to ensuring the best client experience on the newly designed platform." said Kabandi Saikia, Co-Founder & COO of Omnify.

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For more information and interest in Sip Social Co. licensed business ownership opportunities please contact or call 1-800-965-0663

About Sip Social Co

Sip Social Co is the leader in the mobile bar cart service, with locations across North America. At Sip Social Co, we are a team of seasoned industry veterans that love to innovate and are passionate about making each and every event memorable. Partnering with the world's top brands, you can find us at various social and corporate events in your city!

About Omnify

Omnify is a Service Ecommerce and management platform bringing advanced reservation and commerce technology to businesses of all sizes. Co-Founded by Manik Mehta and Kabandi Saikia in 2016, the company has grown over 500% in 2020. The company is headquartered in the US.

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