Goddess Good Fridae Visits NYC To Bless Or Stress
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WTC - Manhattan, New York Photo Cred: Good Fridae St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Good Fridae St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Good Fridae Hawk Protector At 9/11 Memorial Park - Good Fridae WTC - Manhattan, New York Photo Cred: Good Fridae
The Good Fridae Foundation's Inaugural Trip, Marks A First In Spiritual Philanthropy

NEW YORK - illiNews -- In a profound heartfelt mission, Reverend Goddess, Good Fridae, embarked on her first philanthropic foundation trip, to Manhattan this October. The spiritual pilgrimage, officiated the rebrand from, Church Of Aquarius to The Good Fridae Foundation, a safe spiritual community, without the stigmatizing political propagandas and religious dogmas. The non-profit is dedicated to helping people and sharing Good Fridae's message of peace, love and light.

She was ordained July, 8th 2014 and has utmost respect, for all valid religions. She expects the same as she answers her calling, integrating art with spirituality. One purpose for her trip was, to bless the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. The original church was obliterated on 9/11. The new church, finally opened December 6th, 2022. It was blessed by Greek, Macedonian, Italian Goddess, Good Fridae, on October 15th, 2023.

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Her presence in NYC this October, was not for her music, unlike pop star Taylor Swift's SNL stint and NYC rendezvous, with her current fling. The trip held deep, personal significance for Good Fridae who was in NYC, days prior, returning the next month for Michael Jackson's benefit. Her spiritual gifts, warned her of imminent danger, she left NYC confused but listened to the voice in her head saying go home. She did, ahead of Monday's departure.

The stark absence of the twin towers in the NYC skyline, left an indelible mark on her memory. Good Fridae shared, "Freedom and peace for all in this dimension. I never want to see or feel that happen, to anyone again! I had to come here and free the souls, most people can't see or hear spirits, I heard them."

Following the memorial site blessings, she received spiritual confirmation from two hawks. To view the red-tailed hawk protectors of 9/11 Memorial Park and other life altering spiritual advice, visit her tiktok. Most recently, the Goddess is sending her Goddess healing energy and influence to address global humanitarian issues, like the war in Ukraine and Nakba in Palestine. Israel, a Zionist state, part of the Judaic Orthodox religion, it's against their religion to steal or claim a country, they have been using the Torah, to illegally occupy and promote, the colonization and genocide of the historic country of Palestine and its innocent people for the last 75 years.

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Her commitment to philanthropy, isn't always financial. Her varied spiritual gifts have been pivotal, in articulating messages from the deceased. Her latest book Goddess Good Fridae's Guide To Spirituality was released in May, in all bookstores and her website PickMe.press.

For more info on the Good Fridae Foundation and to donate click here.

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Source: ME Group for Good Fridae

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