MDLifespan and 4ocean Join Forces to Eliminate 10,000 Pounds of Plastic Pollution and Rid Our Bodies of Dangerous Microplastics
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CHICAGO, June 18, 2024 ~ Chicago, IL - In celebration of NOAA's Ocean Month, MDLifespan has announced a groundbreaking partnership with 4ocean, an organization dedicated to removing plastic waste from the world's oceans, rivers, and coastlines. As a Certified Cleanup Partner, MDLifespan has committed to pulling 10,000 pounds of plastic from vital ecosystems by June 2025.

Dr. Paul Savage, CEO of MDLifespan, a precision medicine clinic located in Chicago, emphasizes the urgent need for this initiative. "We've neglected our planet, but we're ready to change that! We're thrilled to partner with 4ocean to remove 10,000 pounds of plastic from our oceans. A cleaner planet means better health for everyone."

The partnership between MDLifespan and 4ocean is crucial as plastic pollution continues to be a pressing issue. Microplastics pose a dire threat as they invade our bodies through food and air, causing severe inflammation, toxic reactions, and catastrophic disruptions to vital biological functions. One major pathway for these microplastics into our bodies is through plastic pollution in the ocean. Marine wildlife ingest the plastic waste and then transfer it to humans when we consume seafood.

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Recent studies have linked microplastics to heart disease and infertility issues. This is why MDLifespan's PlasmaXchange protocol is showing great promise at removing microplastics from the body and addressing the critical health issues they cause. This partnership with 4ocean amplifies their commitment not only to clean the environment but also safeguard public health.

Since its inception in 2017, 4ocean has been actively combating ocean plastic pollution. Their professional full-time captains and crews have removed over 29 million pounds of plastic waste and other man-made debris from oceans and coastlines.

Ryan Dick, Brand Partnership Representative for 4ocean believes this partnership is a perfect synergy. "We're thrilled to team up with MDLifespan! Their mission to eliminate microplastics from the body aligns perfectly with our goal to end plastic pollution. Together, we're a powerful force for change."

The theme for World Oceans Day 2024, "Waves of Change: Collective Actions for the Ocean," underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing ocean challenges. Through this partnership, MDLifespan and 4ocean address a critical environmental issue while promoting a healthier planet and population.

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Plastic pollution is not just an environmental crisis; it's also a human health crisis. Since the 1950s, the world has produced an estimated 18.3 trillion pounds of plastic, with less than 10% being recycled and 79% accumulating in the environment. The World Economic Forum predicts that global plastic production will triple by 2050. The damage from plastic pollution extends beyond the environment, posing threats to the global economy, food supply, and societal health.

Ocean-based industries such as fishing and tourism employ billions of people and contribute trillions to the global economy. With more than 3 billion people relying on seafood as a primary source of protein, our global food supply is at risk due to increased pollution.

MDLifespan and 4ocean are calling on individuals to take action by raising awareness about toxin level testing and microplastic exposure. This partnership aims to drive meaningful change by encouraging consumers to take proactive steps in protecting their health.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Dr. Paul Savage, CEO of MDLifespan, please contact Mika Stambaugg at TMI PR at (312)671-3040.

As we celebrate NOAA's Ocean Month, let us all join hands in this crucial initiative towards a cleaner planet and healthier future for all.
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