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(Leadership and Management Development Trainer) "Perceptum Group" Announces Novel Approach to Helping 21st Century Professionals Succeed.

SAN FRANCISCO - May 13, 2019 - illiNews -- The modern economy is fast-paced and dynamic! More than ever, organizations and businesses are in dire need of effective and savvy manager and leaders. At Perceptum Group, we are committed to providing powerful learning and development experiences to produce 21st Century Professionals who, regardless of age, experience or expectations, can truly contribute to creating and sustaining a high-performance business culture that gets results and retains talent. Anyone can learn to become a 21st Century Professional! These individuals are motivated and confident and possess the "premier" knowledge and skills needed to lead teams, drive business success and develop people to enrich business culture and performance.

The world is changing rapidly due to pervasive integration of technologies which allow superior efficiencies that upgrade communication, marketing, customer service and innovation options.  Also, we have better access to meaningful data through analytics, and we have much faster responsiveness capabilities. People are expected to work faster, respond to challenges and opportunities urgently and to collaborate to solve unstructured problems using mobile platforms, digital resources and teamwork in a compressed time frame. "At Perceptum, we have made it our business to be experts in modern adult learning by staying current with research in neurobiology, neuroplasticity and cutting-edge tactics to create deeper and more permanent learning" says Michael J. Dunphy, Ph.D., Perceptum Managing Partner. "For the last two decades, we have offered hundreds of highly effective learning and development experiences for leaders, managers and other employees in businesses and organizations who want to upgrade and thrive."

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21st Century Professionals operate not only with "broad spectrum emotional intelligence" to create and sustain a high-performance business culture, but also with upgraded ability to productively adapt to change and help others to do the same.  In addition, 21st Century Professionals are experts at leveraging talent individually and collectively with diverse teams to meet and/or exceed market needs and to help people thrive within an organization. "Perceptum programs not only address the knowledge and skills needed for people to succeed, but also integrate the motivational and confidence-based elements that are dynamically linked to all aspects of learning" says James Thein, Perceptum CEO and Managing Partner. "People do not learn in a vacuum. Learning is a complex and dynamic experience which must be relevant, strategically sequenced, appropriately layered and deeply meaningful if anyone expects true behavior change to occur!" Perceptum specializes in creating customized, business relevant and professionally powerful learning experiences that are game changers for businesses and organizations.

21st Century Professionals will change the landscape of modern businesses and organizations because they will not only create high-performance business cultures that will help talented people do amazing and innovative things, but they will also, better than any time before in history, create a "new normal" in which joyful, effective, diverse, collaborative and talented people will be more appreciated, engaged and successful as they drive profits and do it right!

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To learn more about Perceptum: Helping 21st Century Professionals Succeed!, visit Perceptum's latest blog @ Perceptum Group: Experts at Developing 21st Century Professionals. Perceptum lives in San Francisco, California, but its clients are worldwide and service is available 24/7. Contact Perceptum on-line, at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium, or call 415.596.0337. Visit Perceptum's website @

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