The Counter-Memory Project Presents "Ungrievable Lives: The Ghosts of 9/11"
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International Lecturer Discusses Installation Art Works as Tribute

CHICAGO - illiNews -- Counter-Memory Project founder, Pritika Chowdhry has created a timeless tribute to the "Ghosts of 9/11" as installation art available for exhibits.

Listen here ( as the artist describes her sentiments on the immersive installation  created 10 years ago as a Tenth Anniversary tribute   Now 20 Septembers ago, it still addresses soaring sentiments about the trauma of terrorism.

"Pritika Chowdhry's artwork is a powder keg of emotionality, raw talent, and visceral grit! I have never met a more thoughtful, theoretically engaged artist-scholar-educator-activist. Counter-Memory Project is the stuff of truth-telling, trauma-healing, and narrative-forging!" by  Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program of Museum Studies at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

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As a practitioner of counter-memory, and multi-dimensional art techniques, Chowdhry creates installation works that are anti-memorials of traumatic historical events. Gathering narratives from cultural discourse to disrupt casual collective memories, The Counter-Memory Project was created to memorialize difficult memories, such as the cataclysmic 9/11 tragedy.

What is The Counter-Memory Project?  Its aim is to remember the forgotten that cannot be remembered. It manifests as poignant art installation that have already been hosted at several prominent museums stateside and internationally. Since life is a tapestry, Ms. Chowdhry integrates multi-disciplined artistic texture into her works: fibers, latex, paper, clay, glass, metal, wood, poetry, and sketching. The maker in her enjoys the sensuality of different materials, as the scholar in her explores cultural resonance.

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Born and raised in India, and currently Chicago based, Chowdhry holds an MFA in Studio Art and MA in Visual Culture and Gender Studies from UW-Madison.  Artist, curator, and scholar, Chowdhry's works have been exhibited at  the Weisman Museum, Minneapolis;  Queens Museum, New York;  Hunterdon Museum, New Jersey and including international exhibits as well as private collection acquisition.

Studio research has included projects at various national conferences as the International Arts Symposium at NYU, The Contested Terrains of Globalization at UC-Irvine, and the South Asian Conference at UW-Madison.  Chowdhry is also available for panels and lectures by invitation..

Pritika Chowdhry

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