The Periodontal Implant Associates Office Now Uses Microsurgery For More Accurate Procedures!
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At the Periodontal Implant Associates office in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Dr. Amarik Singh can now perform faster and more precise surgical results thanks to the practice's adoption of dental microsurgery.

OAK BROOK, Ill. - illiNews -- Traditionally, dental professionals have relied on dental loupes during surgery to see the intricate structures of patients' mouths more clearly. At Periodontal Implant Associates, a cutting-edge office, Dr. Amarik Singh can give patients microsurgery. This means Dr. Singh has no more need for loupes and can have a better chance of giving patients even more successful procedure outcomes. While microsurgery, as a concept, has been around for many decades, it has moved into the mainstream dental world. What makes dental microsurgery so special is its constructed dental microscopes with super magnifying power.

Because microsurgery tools and techniques can operate with more precision and accuracy, a skilled periodontist can see an operating site at up to 20 times its normal size. In comparison, this magnifies the site more than six times of the average magnification level of some dental loupes. Plus, during surgery, microsurgery microscope magnifications can be adjusted. That way, the periodontist can zoom in or out depending on their personal preference or situational need.

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Because dental microsurgery has multiple clinical applications, it can be used in countless procedures. For example, dental microsurgery can be used from the placement of dental implants to the treatment of early, mid-, and late-stage gum disease. Ultimately, the outcome of relying on microsurgery is typically a shorter surgical process, as well as more dependable results. Like so many other dental tools, microsurgical equipment is on track to one day be the most widespread method that dental professionals use to see clearly during surgery. But for now, microsurgery is limited to forward-leaning practices like the Periodontal Implant Associates office.

Though dental microsurgery is an exciting addition to the practice, it is far from being the only advanced technology available at the Periodontal Implant Associates office in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Dr. Amarik Singh, the practice founder and a well-respected periodontist, has invested in many high-end tools and innovations to help provide transformative dentistry to all patients.

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In addition to microsurgery equipment, Dr. Singh relies on CT scans, soft tissue lasers, computer-based patient education software, and other advancements to provide patients with world-class experiences. Because Dr. Singh uses many in-house technologies during dental implant surgeries, patients are able to get the effective and efficient procedures they need and deserve to restore their smile.

About Periodontal Implant Associates: The Periodontal Implant Associates office can treat patients with advanced care in their comprehensive in-house lab. This boutique-style office can give treat patients with cutting-edge skill and compassion.

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