Good, Better, Best: Evaluating e-Commerce Analytics Tools
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Today's business environment is constantly changing. Consumer preferences and demands are shifting—sometimes daily. Even more, during the last year, consumers have become less loyal to brands and even the ways they traditionally shop.

EVANSTON, Ill. - illiNews -- This is not a time to guess at what's right for your business. It's a time to have access to robust data to monitor the competition, seize opportunities, ensure return on marketing spend—and drive better decision-making. This is the power of business intelligence (BI).

According to recent research, though, while businesses are starting to spend big on BI, adoption rates lag below 30%. This means that key decision-makers don't have the data at their fingertips to make better decisions for their brands—and bottom lines.

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The right e-commerce analytics tools give brands access to better insights faster, enabling them to be responsive, edge out the competition, and see where the market is going. In today's exploding e-commerce market, which is predicted to grow nearly 200% between 2019 and 2022, brands can't afford to think of BI as a "nice to have." It's an essential. But how do you choose which solution to invest in? Here's our look at some of the e-commerce analytics tools and platforms on the market.

Good: Pacvue

What: an enterprise platform to manage ad campaigns at scale on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and other popular retail sites

Pacvue offers targeted solutions built for brands, sellers, and marketing agencies and separate solutions for each retail site. Its software is intended to improve campaign performance with automation, competitive intelligence, and streamlined reporting so that brands can grow their digital sales. It enables visibility into retail and advertising data wherever and whenever users need it.

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Why Good? While powerful, Pacvue is only focused on ad campaign performance.

Better: ClearCut

What: a platform for e-commerce and data insights in a changing retail market
The ClearCut Insights Platform gives brands and e-commerce professionals visibility in e-commerce sales data and category trends. Users can benchmark competitors. ClearCut also enables real-time insights into brand or product performance on Amazon, including tracking 1P and 3P daily sales, search rankings, MAP violations and more.
Why Better? ClearCut provides a broader set of e-analytics capabilities for brands than Pacvue, but there are limitations. For instance, insight into sales is available only for Amazon, not other popular digital channels and e-tailers.

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