Great Grandma Invents a New Concept in Bridges
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She never spent a day in engineering school, but her bridge invention is now patented. in her spare minute when not taking care of three of her many grandkids she came up with a engineering breakthrough.

MAUI, Hawaii - illiNews -- Judy Kirk has absolutely no engineering background other than her dad being one. She has invented a thing or two in her life, but nothing patentable, at least until she earned US patent #10625143 for a completely new approach to a bridge.

Her bridge idea has nothing to do with crossing water, filling spaces in your mouth, or sitting around a table playing cards. She invented a handheld bridge for billiards, pool, or snooker.

Like so many inventions, Judy's now popular tool came about due to a very real need in her life. She injured her hand in an accident and was no longer able to create a proper bridge when playing her favorite 8 ball. At least, not without a lot of pain. The use of the standard mechanical bridge with a long stick attached was awkward and cumbersome enough used a few times in an evening, but nuts to drag around for every shot.

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Then it hit her. Why not wear the bridge over your fingers like brass knuckles. A 3D printer was purchased, designs were created, and a model was created. After using it in play for a few weeks, new ideas kept coming, and eventually the final product emerged.

The name SureShot was a natural, and Judy started looking for ways to go to market. She had invented a product that was useful for a pro trying to make a difficult over a ball shot, any regular player needing an assist for nine different variations, or individuals whose natural hand bridge was difficult due to injury, size, or disability.

Judy found a manufacturer who would produce the first 1000 units, and the rest is history. SureShot is now available on Amazon and sales are brisk and reviews are excellent. Here's one great grandma that not only learned new tricks, but provided a tool for others to do so, too.

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