Newly launched Massachusetts healthcare program removes insurance barriers between patients and physicians, lowering costs and improving care
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Allaracare Founder, Dr Mark Allara AllaraCare
Group of Massachusetts doctors seek to 'take back healthcare'

BOSTON - illiNews -- A group of Massachusetts physicians today announced the launch of AllaraCare, a revolutionary approach to healthcare characterized by transparent pricing and a direct relationship between consumers and their doctors.

Led by Dr. Mark Allara, the plan frees patients and physicians from big insurance payer-driven restrictions, resulting in better care for patients and lower costs for employers while helping physicians spend more time on care and less time on administrative tasks.

"Rising healthcare costs are crippling U.S. businesses," says Allara, "and physicians spend more time meeting insurance company requirements than caring for patients. We're changing that."

"Until now there hasn't been much choice but to suffer the annual increases imposed by insurers or traditional self-funded models," says AllaraCare CEO Curt Davis, "We've built a unique approach that makes sure that patients, physicians, and employers no longer have to be held hostage by insurers, returning as much as 43% to employers and their employees, while enabling doctors to spend more time caring for patients."

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AllaraCare is also combining complete cost and quality transparency with 'A+ Navigators', people charged with helping members navigate the complexity of care through just a call or a click.

"When everybody knows what everything costs and have personalized care guidance — better decisions are possible and everyone benefits: better care, more choice, and an end to the madness of insurer-driven healthcare costs," notes Allara.

AllaraCare is immediately available in Eastern Massachusetts with aggressive regional and national growth plans.

About AllaraCare

AllaraCare is helping patients, providers, and employers take back the practice of healthcare—without the nonsense imposed by insurance-driven systems. By combining direct relationships between doctors and patients, total cost transparency, and AllaraCare's highly-trained A+ Navigators, our team helps everyone involved make better decisions, resulting in higher quality, lower-cost care. To learn more about how AllaraCare can help you take back healthcare, visit us at

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