Oakwood Apothecary and Dick's Pharmacy Now Offer AllerPops, a Natural Allergy Remedy from Knoze Jr Corp
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SULLIVAN, Ill., Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Located in an area surrounded by cornfields and ragweed, the customers at Oakwood Apothecary and Dick's Pharmacy are constantly looking for allergy relief. And now they finally can try a natural remedy that solves the underlying cause of allergies so that symptoms like sneezing, runny nose watery eyes will go away for the entire season.

AllerPops is a prebiotic lollipop that provides year-long relief, so you don't have to keep taking daily pills or frequent shots.

"We just got our AllerPops in and we put them out on the shelves," said Cindi Reed, PharmD and owner of Oakwood Apothecary (located in Sullivan, IL) and Dick's Pharmacy (located in Arthur, IL). "They're pretty awesome."

"I have so many parents asking for something to help with their kids' allergies," said Reed. "We are surrounded by cornfields and ragweed. The pollen levels get totally out of control."

Most people think that seasonal allergies are caused by pollen, mold and dust. But it's really the result of a hypersensitive immune system. AllerPops safely and naturally correct the problem by reintroducing the beneficial oral probiotics, so that your allergic reaction will stop getting so easily triggered.

No more daily pills. AllerPops works after one use.

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Reed recently found out about AllerPops when she read an article on Drug Store News.

"I was impressed with the product. It's kind of a novel thing," said Reed, who said that at both locations they go through a 500-count bottle of Singulair every two days, which means that the current solution to allergies is to take a lot of pills. Reed said, "Doctors just don't know what else to do with people with allergies."

As a biologist and former medical doctor, Dr. Cliff Han (inventor of AllerPops) wanted to find a solution that was better than constantly taking more and more allergy medications.

But how?

The opportunity came when Dr. Han got allergies in 2014. He now had the best guinea pig a scientist could ask for - himself! Using cutting-edge genomic technologies, he started to collect his own samples and observe changes in his allergies. Three years later, he found the answers that he was looking for… the real underlying cause of allergies: not having enough oral probiotics.

Once he found the real problem, he was able to come up with a solution that actually fixed it and didn't just mask the symptoms. He developed AllerPops.

They work differently than other allergy medicines, and the results can last for a very long time. Not just 12 hours or one week… but an entire season, or year, or more.

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"An attractive point is that, with AllerPops, people don't have to take it every day," said Reed. "You can use a few lollipops and it will work for the whole season. The science behind it makes sense. I look forward to offering them to parents and to adults that are suffering from allergies."

Small shop with unique items

Reed has owned Oakwood Apothecary for seven years and purchased Dick's Pharmacy four years ago. She is in the process of redoing the front end of the stores, stocking them with unique items that you can't get at CVS or the Dollar General.

In terms of volume of prescriptions, they compete with the chain drug store across the street. But on the over the counter side they are going for a different vibe. Reed said, "We don't want twelve feet of shelf space for candy and makeup. We want selected items, things that we would use with our own families."


Cindi Reed, Pharm.D.
Oakwood Apothecary
17 N. Hamilton St
Sullivan, IL 61951
P: 217-728-2760
F: 217-728-4078

Dick's Pharmacy
118 South Vine
Arthur, IL 61911
Phone: 217-543-2913

Cliff Han
Knoze Jr Corp
1650 Trinity Dr., Ste 103
Los Alamos, NM 87544

SOURCE Knoze Jr Corp

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