RiseUP TV! Why COVID is NOT slowing us down!
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COVID has virtually decimated the entertainment industry. The untold millions of people whose livelihoods have been affected or completely destroyed by COVID, grows daily. In all of the pandemonium, one thing remains true. What do we do now?

LANGLEY, British Columbia - illiNews -- In May 2020, A television show that was being filmed for ROKU TV distribution, was scheduled to hit the road in Canada, USA, Brazil and Europe, but it had to be postponed due to COVID. Initially the thought was to postpone it until the fall of 2020, when hopefully things would look better. What we were being told was that a short lockdown would control the spread of the virus and that the lockdowns were temporary and after all, the economy couldn't withstand a prolonged shut down. The name of the TV show is RiseUP TV. It documents the experiences and characters on board a live music tour. Previous episodes and other programming can be found on ROKU at "RiseUP TV" in the movies and TV section. To view the episodes you will need either a ROKU device, or most television sets that are "smart tv's". By July 2020, with no end to the lockdowns in sight, the decision was made to move forward for October 2020. The decision to do live tours during the pandemic was met with much resistance. After all, the planning involved hundreds of people, bus companies, hotels and most daunting.....venues! All of this meant planning as if the tour could function regardless of world conditions. As the dates approached, many other factors became hurdles such as wildfires in Sacramento California, different governmental restrictions in every city on the tours and testing of the artists on the tours. Jumping forward to November 2020, after the tours, no one got sick, artists were able to play in front of as many fans as were allowed and the television show caught everything they encountered, right on film. This journey is now being edited for release on RiseUP TV ON ROKU. There will be 7 episodes that cover the entire journey. The first episode (Day one) will be released late January 2021 and one episode about every 3 weeks after that. In addition, tours are now accepting new artists to join the established characters for May and June 2021. The expanded tours and filming will include 3 Canadian tours, 3 US tours, Mexico, Brazil , the UK and Germany. Having proven that touring is possible during complete lockdowns, RiseUP TV is unique in the world and is proving that mankind is resilient and needs to always be looking forward. The fact is that we have learned that the "old way" is never coming back, so let it go and embrace what wonderful new methods of playing and receiving music around the world can encompass. More and more people are turning to platforms like ROKU and buying things online. Music tours need to adjust and it is certainly a key part of the music experience, however, the old way isn't necessarily the better way. One example is sponsorships. RiseUP TV and it's artists have attained many great sponsors, two of which are TUT fitness and 64 audio. Great companies, with great products and a desire to bring support to artists, culture and healthy living. For inquiries about the past tours and future of RiseUP TV ON ROKU, please feel free to contact us at the provided email. Links to the partners can also be found in this release. It takes many partners and participants who are brave and look forward, to accomplish something in the music business today. RiseUP TV will be a beacon of light and show the world that we will not sit by in silence and wait, but instead we will always find a way.

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