Wireless Charging for Wearables and Beyond: NuCurrent Advances NFC Wireless Charging Beyond the NFC Forum's Global WLC Specification
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CHICAGO, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- NuCurrent announced today that its NuEva Development Platform for Near-Field Communication (NFC) Wireless Charging technology has surpassed the capabilities of the NFC Forum's Wireless Charging Specification (WLC).

NuCurrent leads the industry by delivering over 3x more wireless power and over 8x faster data speeds. The NFC WLC currently specifies power levels ranging from 100mW - 1W transmitted and data rates up to 106 kb/s. Based on industry-leading wireless power expertise and complimentary technology, including over 180 patents granted or pending, the NuEva NFC Wireless Charging Development Platform is capable of providing up to 3W of power received and data rates up to 848 kb/s.

"Most people are familiar with NFC for its popular use in mobile and contactless payment, identity documents, and key cards, but are unaware of its extended wireless charging capabilities. NuCurrent began working on our NuEva NFC Wireless Charging Development Platform three years ago," said EVP of Sales & Marketing Tim Tumilty. "It's exciting to see the industry begin to realize the potential of our platform to enhance this unique communications technology that's already in billions of devices worldwide."

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Operating at 13.56MHz, NFC Wireless Charging utilizes a single antenna to deliver both communications and low amounts of power, making it an ideal solution for devices that are incompatible with Qi - or non-standard low frequency - wireless power solutions. NFC Wireless Charging brings innovation to devices such as wireless charging hearables, fitness trackers, computer peripherals, smart glasses and other small, space-constrained devices.

"Charging up to 3W or 848 kb/s of data may sound like an incremental innovation, but when you survey all of the real-life products operating within those requirements, and then add the business benefits that NFC technology can bring, you start to realize the major impact that extended wireless charging and data will have," said Tumilty.

NuCurrent's NuEva Development Platform is available today for product managers wanting to innovate with a NFC WLC or custom NFC Wireless Charging solution. For more information on how to get started, contact [email protected].

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About NuCurrent

NuCurrent supplies Fortune 1000 companies and other high-flying product developers with wireless power technologies and product integration expertise. Our core technologies span magnetics, software and systems simulation. We have generated over 180 patents granted and pending globally, and unparalleled internal tools that enhance speed to market, improve product performance and mitigate major development risks. Our broad systems integration expertise supports manufacturers of appliances, smartphones, wearables, hearables, consumer electronics, medical devices, robotics, IoT, sporting equipment and other emerging product categories.

NuCurrent solutions are based on inductive and inductive resonant wireless power transfer which offers convenience, safety, efficiency, and enhanced user experience. Founded in 2009, we are a venture-backed company based in Chicago with offices in Hong Kong, San Diego and Bangalore. More information at www.nucurrent.com.

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