Rittal Announces a New Generation of Fan-and-Filter Unit
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SCHAUMBURG, Ill., June 13, 2024 ~ Rittal, a leading provider of enclosure solutions, has recently launched a new generation of Blue e+ fan-and-filter units that promise to revolutionize enclosure climate control. The company recognizes the importance of removing heat and preventing further warming in enclosures to ensure smooth operation of installed components. With this in mind, Rittal has introduced innovative features such as an emergency cooling function in their new fan-and-filter units.

Fan-and-filter units are a popular and cost-effective solution for regulating temperature in enclosures by using ambient air. They have been the go-to choice for enclosure climate control, and Rittal's new generation takes it a step further with its smarter approach to cooling system maintenance. The emergency cooling function actively responds to unexpected temperature rises, protecting components from overheating and avoiding costly system shutdowns.

One of the key improvements in this new generation is the tool-free handling, which saves time during installation and maintenance. The snap-in hooks for unit mounting and the opening mechanism for filter replacement have been redesigned for smoother operation. Other features such as reversible air flow direction and flexible positioning of power connection have been retained. Additionally, the design has been updated with vertical grille slats without compromising on protection rating.

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The Blue e+ fan-and-filter units are available in five sizes covering eight output classes ranging from 15 CFM to 683 CFM (20 m3/h to 1,160 m3/h) air throughput. They come in AC/DC models for basic requirements, while an EMC variant is available for applications that require special electromagnetic shielding. The use of EC technology allows for speed control and fan monitoring through an analogue interface, adapting temperature regulation to actual conditions for energy savings and extended service life. Other benefits include a wide power input range (100-240 V) and a ModBus interface for monitoring, control, and alarm functionalities.

One standout feature of these fan-and-filter units is their integration with Rittal's IoT interface, providing real-time information on status, capacity utilization, operating hours, and energy consumption. This allows for easy identification of critical heat build-ups and activation of the emergency cooling function to prevent overheating. The automatic filter cleaning function also contributes to a longer service life by blowing dust particles out of the filter multiple times a day. Operators can also set a virtual operating period for better maintenance planning.

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In terms of its primary function, the Blue e+ fan-and-filter units excel in maximum particle retention while allowing for high air throughput. This is made possible by Rittal's serial pleated filters, which have six times more surface area and increase air throughput by 40%. As a result, maintenance intervals can be doubled or even tripled depending on the application.

Overall, Rittal's new generation of Blue e+ fan-and-filter units sets new standards in enclosure climate control with its innovative features and improved performance. It offers a smarter and more efficient solution for maintaining optimal temperatures in enclosures while ensuring the protection and longevity of installed components.
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