Rock Guitar Virtuoso Reveals Secrets To Infinite Sustain
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Tom Hess shows guitarists how to create more sustain on their notes.

CHICAGO - illiNews -- Rock guitarist and guitar teacher Tom Hess has released an online resource sharing secrets for playing unique guitar licks using long sustain.

In his online resource, Hess discusses about approaches guitar players can use to become better at sustaining notes longer while playing. Hess begins with an explanation about what he considers to be the foundation to great improvising:

"If you want to play killer guitar solos you need to understand how to easily express yourself on guitar while sustaining notes as long as you want throughout a solo. This requires having a certain level of skill with vibrato.:

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He goes on to discuss more:

"Here is a secret that many guitar players are unaware of: Having excellent vibrato is the foundation to great sustain. By playing notes with wide vibrato, you can even bring a totally silent string "to life" while sustaining the note without even picking."

In Hess's resource he gives advice in the form of tips.

"There are many cool ways to create sustain using your fretting hand alone. For example, using slides. Not just soft slides, but slides that are performed with intention and intensity. This creates the note through sheer force alone. This sounds cool and is another way to work on generating long sustain."

More information can be learned about creating more sustain on guitar by visiting

Source: Tom Hess Music Corporation
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