From the heinous to the sublime, Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer release new single, "A Journey of Dreams"
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CHICAGO - illiNews -- Does music need to breathe? Of course, it does. It's alive. Living thousands of miles apart, United States based, award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Paul Adams, and Australia based, award-winning multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Elizabeth Geyer, have been creating music together from opposite ends of the globe since their debut collaboration, "Imaginings."

Across the oceans and continents, something definitely worked synergistically and continues to work. Their album won the award, "Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year" at the Zone Music Reporter Awards in 2015. Even though not without its challenges, the geographical distance between them leaves space and time for their music to truly come to life.

Following, "Imaginings," their album, "Deeper Imaginings" (2017), received multiple award nominations and was then followed by their album, "Sanctuary," New Age Music Guide's "Album of the Year" (2022). Continuing to unfold the timeless, spiritual sanctuary that has become a trademark of their music, comes a new single from their next album, "A Journey Of Dreams." The single, the title track from the new album," will be released on all digital platforms on December 7, 2023.

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Adams' creative musical talent and his exotic collection of instruments along with the electric sitar he made have played a prominent role in amassing over 132 million streams on Pandora alone.  Blended with Elizabeth Geyer's sensitive piano and instrumental vocalizations, "A Journey of Dreams," continues the beautiful and exotic flow of their previous releases.

Adams said, "We wanted to focus on beauty, especially as the world seems to be in such deep chaos."

When referring to Geyer's solo album projects, Bruce Lundvall of Blue Note Records called Elizabeth "A brilliant musician and songwriter."  For "A Journey Of Dreams," Elizabeth says her intention was to create a place of safety and home. "Imagine a place where you once came from, where you will go back to, and a place you sometimes visit in dreams. A timeless, blissful place where everything makes sense – true home. Literally, a journey of dreams," Elizabeth said.

With its exotic nature and ethnic impressions, Adams describes the piece as offering a bit of artistic and spiritual pragmatism. "It's all right here on 'circus Earth' – from the heinous to the sublime. We felt a need to create something that might focus on the deep beauty we are all capable of – the giving of oneself to a greater cause," he said.

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And regardless of the physical distance, Elizabeth and Paul found that "A Journey Of Dreams" came together completely unforced and naturally. "It's magical really," says Adams. "We work together so well and each of us has a connection and feel for the musical intent. Our artistic goals are very similar. And this interesting way of creating seems somewhat fitting in the ever-shrinking world we live in today. That was the main force behind 'A Journey Of Dreams.' We feel as if God, nature, or whatever you wish to call it, is challenging us. 'She's' wondering if we have the interpersonal maturity and cultural skills to work together in this rapidly changing, growing, yet shrinking world. We are rising to that challenge."

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